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Tomato Producers’ Organisation of South Africa

The Tomato Producers’ Organisation is a voluntary producers’ organisation that aspires to act as a mouthpiece for the producers of fresh tomatoes in South Africa. The TPO (Tomato Producers’ Organisation) aims to build an advantageous environment and view of the tomato industry. Becoming a member of the TPO enables you to form part of a society, connect with other tomato producers who are driving change of South-African markets and engage with the issues affecting the industry.

About Us

The Tomato Producers’ Organisation (TPO) is a body that supports the producers of fresh tomatoes in South Africa.


The Tomato Producers’ Organization is made up of tomato farmers, producers and distributors, as well as by-product manufacturers.

Projects and Research

Explore the development of new products and/or services in the tomato industry and the nutritional value and health benifits tomatoes offer.

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Stay up to date with the local and international market trends and access news and advice from industry experts from around the world.

We strive for quality and growth, establish your roots with us.

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By becoming a member you help us develop the tomato industry and in return you will have access to Sales Reports, Newsletters, TPO Activities, Colour Charts and Research & Development information.

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