This is the magazine for the TPO published and distributed by PROTEAN PUBLISHING. It acts as the official source of information. It is published bi-monthly and distributed to the different role players in the industry for free.

The Tomato News was created in 2001 with the aim to inform and educate its approximate 800 registered tomato producers in South Africa although the distribution list includes farmers and role players relevant to the fresh produce industry. Over the past 18 years it has become a lively hub of farmers requesting specific articles and scientific information. By joining our loyal advertisers, i.e. FMC, Sakata, Mayford, Starke Ayres, Philagro, ESKOM, Landbank, Omnia, DOW, and the national fresh produce markets, to name a few, you will tap into a dedicated data base of intelligent, well-informed farmers.

The circulation figures: 600 to registered tomato farmers. The balance of a thousand to our print figure goes to interested parties, ie research, markets, agents, seed companies, etc.

APRIL 2020