2 cucumbers
1/2 liter yogurt (can be goats milk, cow’s milk, buffalo)
1 handful dill, chopped
A few mint leaves for decoration
2 cloves garlic, minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil

Stir the yogurt well in a bowl. Grate the cucumbers and add to the yogurt. Add the garlic and dill. Add salt and pepper, to taste. Add a little olive oil.  Can be served with toast with a little olive oil and olives.


3 medium onions, thickly sliced
1 large sweet potato, cut into chunks
4 carrots, cut into chunks
8 tomatoes, scalded and peeled
8 cloves garlic, whole
1 tsp. thyme leaves
2 stalks basil, leaves only
1 carton whipping cream

Saute the onion in a pan with a little olive oil until golden. Add the carrot and sweet potato and mix gently. Add the tomatoes, salt, pepper, herbs and garlic. Add water and cook until the carrots and sweet potato are soft. Blend together and add the cream. Check the seasoning. Serve hot!

STUFF IT – Tomatoes stuffed with bulgur & parmesan

8 medium to small plum tomatoes
2 onions
3 cloves garlic, chopped or minced
8 tomatoes, scalded and peeled
1/2 cup of bulgur
4 fresh basil leaves, chopped
100 g grated parmesan
5 tbsp olive oil


Cut the tomatoes to half their height. Scoop out the inside of the tomatoes, into a dish on the side. In a frying pan, fry the onion in olive oil until golden. Add the garlic and stir for about a minute, add the bulgur and stir for another minute. Add the inside of the tomatoes and 1/2 cup water. Add the herbs, salt and pepper to taste. Turn off the heat and leave to stand for five minutes. Add the parmesan and mix. Fill the tomato halves to 3/4 of their height and scatter a tablespoon of breadcrumbs over the top. Stand the tomatoes up in a dish so that they are supporting each other. Bake in an oven pre-heated to 200°C for ten minutes.



en ervaar die somer self.

Dompel ses ryp tamaties in kookwater vir tien minute en trek die skilletjie af.
Halveer hulle en skep die vleis uit.
Vul hulle met gekapte sout ansjovis, ontpitte onlywe en vir koppies broodkrummels wat jy met olyfolie klam maak.
Sit as slaai voor.

GRAB A RIPE TOMATO – and gut a fish

1 head of garlic
1 hot pepper
1 dried red pepper
1/2 cup canola oil
2 heaped tbsp sweet paprika and some salt

Wash the fish well, sprinkle with coarse salt and set aside, up to several hours in the refrigerator Wash and cut up the coriander – it does not have to be chopped. Spread over the base of the pan until it is completely covered. Cut the hot peppers and the Angello pepper lengthwise and rinse away the seeds. Lay on top of the coriander. Cut off the top of the dried peppers, rinse them out well and lay on top of the coriander. Peel and halve the cloves of garlic lengthwise and scatter them over the coriander. Everything should be spread uniformly over the coriander, and then sprinkled with salt. Rinse the salt off the fish and lay it on top of all the vegetables, adding some more coriander over the fish. Add water to the level of the fish and steam over a high heat to reduce the liquids, although not too much because we want there to be gravy. Mix the paprika and oil in a cup, and spoon over the fish. Cook a little longer, from time to time spooning gravy over the fish. When most of the water has been reduced and there is a fatty gravy – yes, the fat is tasty – it is ready. Serve with a bread salad.


wie gee nou om vir ’n knoffelasem .

Vind sowat ’n kilogram, groot, ryp, tamaties en dompel hulle in kookwater vir ’n wyle. Trek die skilletjies af. Kap dit aan stukke. Gooi twee handevol sultanas en twee opgekapte uie by die tamaties. Hammer alles fyn. As jy het, gebruik sommer jou voedselverwerker.

Kook die mengsel met ’n koppie asyn,  en ’n koppie suiker. Sprinkel nou, mosterdpoeier, gemmer, naeltjies kaneel en rooipeper by. Dit moet geskied na smaak. Persoonlik meng ek 15ml mosterdpoeier, net soveel gemmer, 5ml van die naeltjies en ook 5ml kaneel saam. Rooipeper? Omtrent 1ml.

Roer dikwels sodat dit nie aanbrand nie. Die geur vertel jou wanneer dit reg is om te bottel.