The TPO as a producers’ organization aspires to act as a mouthpiece for the producers of fresh tomatoes in South Africa. Its objective is:

  • to maintain a national representative body in respect of all tomato interests in which all tomato producers and stakeholders can participate;
  • to act on behalf of the members in consultations regarding decisions which affect their interests;
  • to deliver coordinated views to the Government and authorities on matters relating to the members and the tomato industry and to co-operate in all matters relating to the welfare of the tomato industry, solving problems and the establishment of the necessary laws and regulations;
  • to strive for the most efficient production and marketing of tomatoes;
  • to develop the tomato industry systematically, including preservation of resources (land and water), the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility, production, and marketing methods;
  • to affiliate and cooperate with other agricultural organizations;
  • not to be influenced by political considerations in achieving the said goals or business’ of the Organisation;
  • to establish and maintain, through collective action, appropriate facilities and services for the members of the Organisation and, for this purpose, to organize the tomato industry and to create the necessary service programs;
  • to operate the TPO’s business without profit making as an objective and to invest any surplus funds in the promotion of the Organisation’s objectives;
  • not to trade in competition with its members or to participate in any business, professional – or any professional activities of any of its members – or to support any of its members financially or otherwise in their carrying on a business, trade or profession;
  • to recruit active members for the TPO amongst tomato producers, irrespective of them being established producers or new producers;
  • to cultivate and promote unity and a spirit of cooperation among tomato producers;
  • to establish and maintain a healthy understanding between the members and other stakeholders;
  • to strive to serve the interests of members in all areas of production; and
  • to concentrate entirely on the promotion of its main and only purpose.